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May 23, 2013
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Chapter 3 – A Change of Scenery

Breath slowly wafted into Masaki Tenchi's nostrils as his consciousness roused itself from his slumber.  His mind gradually became aware of the warm sheets and comforter around him, as well as the soft figure pressed against his side.  He felt her breasts heave against his ribs with her sleeping breath, the pressure of her arms around his abdomen, her forehead resting on his shoulder.

Gently, he curled his arm around her, hugging her as his mind clawed further from the grasp of his dreams.  His other hand rested against hers, lightly tracing the outline of her fingers with his.  He felt her groan quietly, snuggling closer against him, burrowing further into her own fantasy.

Finally, the prince's eyes blinked groggily open, finding the ceiling familiar from several of his late night fraternizations with his girlfriend.  In Ryua Ryoko's room, he rested in her bed with the former pirate sleepily curled at his side, her nude form cuddled to his.  A dull light entered the room from beneath her door, reducing the room to sharp monochrome shadows.

Carefully, he turned his head to face hers, feeling her gentle breath on his lips, his eyes to hers.  Her usually fierce mane of cyan hair was matted and ruffled around her head, a few strands straying across her visage.  Peace reigned over her expression, which usually was ruled by her many strong passions.  He smiled softly simply watching her sleep in his embrace, feeling her warmth at his side.

In time, Tenchi's thoughts drifted to the previous night, after Ryoko's match with Nagi.  He remembered their discussion, witnessing her emotions shift from filial pride in her stories to a conflicted shame and spite.  To reassure her, he embraced her, leading to a kiss under the moonlight.  Then, when he turned to retire for the night, she stopped him, clutching his wrist, asking deeply and hotly that he stay with her.

Thinking back now, he could see clearly the desire and need in her eyes, in her touch and breath.  At the time, those qualities melted his resistance and drew him into her room, into her embrace.  His thoughts were scattered as he yielded to her lead, unsure how to react, let alone the ethics of this situation.  Consciously, he knew the carnal nature of her kiss and touch this night, and a rational part of him fought to speak.  However, she silenced him time and again as she guided him into pleasure with her.  In truth, his naïvety toward sexual indulgence left him weak to her wiles, not knowing how to respond to her skilled seduction.  Naturally, part of him also was eager and anxious to be with her, to learn what she had to teach.

To say that he was overwhelmed would be a crude understatement.

In retrospect, he did consider the ethics of their night of passion.  Did I take advantage of her? he asked himself.  Should we have gone that far?  Also, he wondered, Where does his leave us now?

Pondering these questions, Tenchi saw a grin stretch across Ryoko's lips before her amber eyes fluttered open and met his.

“Good morning, lover,” she purred softly, warmly, her fingers gliding over his side, gently embracing him.

He smiled back and kissed her lips lightly, answering, “Good morning to you too.  Sleep well?”

Her grin widened into a sly smile as she purred loudly, pressing herself more suggestively against him.

“Oh, you have no idea.”

Tenchi blushed modestly, still adjusting to this level of intimacy, while one of her fingers traced his musculature to his chest.

“How about you?” she asked, her eyes leering back.

“Yeah, I…” he started, searching for the best words to describe his feelings, “… I'm still trying to…”

The Ryoan woman carefully pushed herself up from the bed, her face hovering over his, her long locks falling around their heads.  While the Juraian prince might still be processing the past night, he could see the smoldering flames of desire flickering in her golden eyes at this moment.  Her free hand cupped his cheek and gently stroked his skin, her eyes growing distant for a moment.

“Trust me, my 'student',” she whispered huskily.  “That will pass.”

As she leaned into a passionate kiss with him, an answer to his first question became immediately clear.

If anything, he thought, she's taking advantage of me!

Carefully, still unsure of himself, Tenchi guided his hands along her sides, feeling her muscles flex and wriggle under his touch.  A low growl rumbled through her chest and lips as she broke the kiss and gazed deeply into his eyes, desirously, lustfully.

“Time for Lesson Two,” her words wafted past his ear, one of her hands easing one of his to her chest, between her breasts, over her heart.  He could feel her heart racing, beating heavily, and her lungs, breathing deeply.

Needless to say, his other questions soon flew aside from his conscious thoughts while he succumbed to her wiles once again.
Awakening after his night with Ryoko, Tenchi briefly ponders his relationship with her.

This segment was more difficult to write than its predecessor. ^^; Since I really do not want this to become a lemon, I skirted the edges of taste here. I do apologize if I failed to keep this in good standing. ^^;

The goal was to demonstrate how Tenchi and Ryoko's relationship is changing, and Tenchi's burgeoning fears in that regard. Admittedly, outside of Tenchi Muyo! in Love 2, the young man hasn't had a relationship like this.

All material of or relating to Tenchi Muyo! are copyrighted to
AIC, BeStach, Geneon Entertainment, and Vap.
Now this was good.tenchi and ryoko is always a classic. Which tenchi does this take place in, universe or the ova?
evilpii May 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. ^^v Both Dark Energy Trilogy and Homecomings follow the end of the Tenchi Universe TV series and the first film, Tenchi Muyo! in Love.
:iconsegaman4: fanfics is a mixture of the ova,and universe and spittle bit of Tokyo.and admixture of sailormoon.
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